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Angie 9 days ago

Tarragon Walnut Pear

I had the Tarragon Walnut Pear and it is absolutely delicious! Yum...

Jbad2592 25 days ago

Tahoma Burger

T47 has me coming back in time and time again! If it isn't because of their delicious food (my favorites are the Tahoma Burger, Al Pastor fries, and Pear w/Goat Cheese Panini), then it's the bartender, Michael's, incredible drinks. Along with the rest of their welcoming, friendly, and professional crew. Regardless of the occassion-they are my go to. Alone time? Peaceful. Girl time? Perfect! Date night? Yup! Mommy daughter lunch-you betcha! You're truly missing out if you pass this place up!! I crave the Al Pastor fries regularly 🤤

Jesthompson2010 about 1 month ago

Crispy Brussels

Ah-may-zing. Would make a special trip just for these bad boys.

Bradiek 2 months ago

Crispy Brussels

Best brussel sprouts I have ever tasted! Left me wanting more and thinking about them days after! Perfection!

Barrogam 2 months ago

Seared Coho Salmon (2019)

From the minute you walk in til the minute you leave, you feel like you're at a special place. My salmon was cooked to perfection. Every single ingredient in my dish belonged there, there was so much harmony! I love all of the options!

Erikaaoberg 2 months ago

Crispy Brussels - HH

I love everything about Table 47, but the new Crispy Brussels is not nearly as tasty as your previous version with the cashews, mint, and bam bam sauce. I was with a party of 8 and we had three orders. Everyone agreed at the table that it was a step in the wrong direction. I hope you bring back the old recipe soon as it's the main reason we go there for our monthly get-together.

Sheena 3 months ago

Crab & Bacon Mac

Wow. As someone who has been on the hunt for the best Mac n cheese in the area, this dish beats them all! Creamy, nutty, bacony, crabby. I practically licked the plate clean.

Melanie 3 months ago

*Moroccan Vegetable

This dish is amazing!! A wonderful arrange of flavors and texture. Highly recommend for something different.

Djgardensecrets 3 months ago

Cuban Sandwich

The pork was extremely tender and the flavor was excellent. I Had never had a Cuban sandwich before so I really didn't know what to expect. I was pleasantly surprised and would definitely order it again.

Monica 3 months ago

Tahoma Burger

This burger was delicious and intriguing! I was skeptical at first about the green apple on a burger, but the sweet/tartness balanced out the smokey, salty bacon perfectly. And the burger itself was seasoned and cooked perfectly. I also love both the fry options for sides, it's hard to choose. Yum!

Rmyers 3 months ago

Cuban Sandwich

I stopped by for lunch when I was in the area. I asked the bartender about the Cuban Sandwich, he let me know it was wonderful but not the typical Cuban. I ordered it and it did not disappoint! I saved half for later and it barely made it home, I will definitely going back and taking friends with me!

Smithklan 3 months ago

Lamb Shank

Table 47 never disappoints. Delicious food with generous servings, and well crafted cocktails. Really enjoyed the JAZZ music on a Wednesday.

Christineskorup 4 months ago

Bacon Wrapped Dates

Super delicious!

Jason 4 months ago

Patio Party Fridays Series

Ok, $2 Rainier's, $3 draft beer special, $4 wine and $8 special food. We've sadly missed 2 Patio Parties, but we fortunately have made the rest! Great for the family too, with games set out. Wish my little ones could stay up for the live music. Maybe next year

Jason 4 months ago

Island Curried Vegetables

While you can taste the fresh ingredients in almost all their dishes, Table 47's Island Curried Vegetables surpasses any Thai restaurant version we have ever tried. Truly outstanding

Monica 4 months ago

Fig & Prosciutto Flatbread

Love the combination of salty prosciutto, rich cheese, and sweet fig jam!

Acunruh 5 months ago

Parallel Burger

OMG! This burger! The combination of caramelized onion, avocado, and blue cheese with the patty made of beef and mushrooms makes for a taste of heaven! This is my go-to item.

Eric 21 days ago

Hungarian Pepper & Sausage Flatbread

A wonderful balance of the spicy peppers and sausage versus the sweet tomato sauce base combined with the creamy cheese mixture make this one best crispy flatbreads I've had! Perfect size for a big appetite or great size to share.

Jennannerich 27 days ago

Al Pastor Fries - HH

The HH at Table 47 is one of the best in the Gig!! We loved the Al Pastor Fries!! Fills you up and really a delicious combo of flavors! And you can not beat the HH $5 cocktails!! YUMMMM

Eestibeach about 1 month ago

Cuban Sandwich

Yummy, delicious sandwich! Great mix of flavors!

Julie 2 months ago

Seared Coho Salmon (2019)

The Coho Salmon was devine! It was cooked perfectly and all the other components on the plate complimented the salmon wonderfully!

Sara 2 months ago

Al Pastor Fries - HH

We started with the Wedge salad which was quite good, loved the bacon and the choice of what I think was Bibb lettuce instead of the traditional iceberg. We had asked for it to come first as we were sharing everything. When the waitress brought it she told us the fries were almost up. It was not long at all (maybe 3 minutes) before the fries appeared. They were warm enough that we didn't worry about eating them, but something happened in the timing I'm hoping. Had they been a degree cooler I would have sent them back and in hindsight wish I had. I don't enjoy hot foods served warm. The flavors were good. This is our 4th visit and while nothing has been bad, I can't say I've been wowed by anything. It's so sad as I love the principles of local and sustainable and being a community entertainment center.

Monica 3 months ago

Olive & Sunchoke Flatbread

Who knew this was vegan?! I had no idea when I ordered it and I'm certainly not vegan, but I loved it. I love cheese, so next time I might even order it with added cheese! But with our without cheese, this is very tasty!

Sheribogataj 3 months ago

Tahoma Burger

I crave this burger 🍔 every day of my life! The beef is ever so tasty, and I LOVE the 🍏 and 🧀 , on top! It's a perfect blend of rich meaty flavor- - for those of us who aren't remotely vegetarian😅-- and crispy fresh crunch. I try to branch out and order other items, but keep coming back to this!

Djgardensecrets 3 months ago

Crab & Bacon Mac

This was really good. Excellent meal to have if you're feeling like having some comfort food. I thought the flavor and texture was great, and I love the chips on top.

Djgardensecrets 3 months ago

Steak Frites

The steak was extremely tender and cooked to perfection. I also loved the flavor of the Demi sauce.

Nicoleriensche 3 months ago

Tahoma Burger

Was intrigued by the green Apple on a burger! It was soooo good! I ordered mine gluten free and they have a great gf bun when it is steamed correctly. As good as this burger is, it does seem to depend on who is cooking as it is a bit inconsistent. When done right, this burger is pure genius!

Ashpearson23 3 months ago

Tahoma Burger

This burger is perfection! An unexpectedly awesome mix of flavors. I'm a picky eater and usually have to make a ton of special requests (no tomato, no sauce, no....) but I love everything on this burger. The Parmesan shoestring fries are a perfect partner, although T47's Sweet Potato Waffle fries are the best I've ever had.

Taracuda 3 months ago

All-American Breakfast

The pancakes are far and away the best I've had anywhere in Gig Harbor! All of the food is yummy!

Marialynnp91 4 months ago

BBQ Jackfruit Nachos

So these are beyond my favorite plate of nachos I have ever tasted they are definitely my weakness since I am a vegan and you have plenty for left overs. Love the flavors and they weren't over cooked is another nice thing or soggy. Just overall has a nice blend of flavor

Jason 4 months ago

47 Burger

Thank God my 4 y/o wasn't starving because I got to finish his amazing cheeseburger!

Monica 4 months ago

Crab & Bacon Mac

So many good things on the menu, but this is definitely my favorite when I want a rich and filling meal!

Kristenryoung 5 months ago

Pear & Walnut

We were in town for the Harbor Tyee Cup this weekend and in between games 20 of us decided to stop and have lunch. We had limited time and the staff did everything possible to make sure we were able to eat and get out of there on time. Food was fabulous, staff was friendly and quick, if you're in the area, you must stop!


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