How about a smooth, bold cup of coffee to start your day? You can find it here, where we use locally roasted coffee beans to brew undeniably good coffee. Enjoy loose leaf tea service, smoothies, and baked goods too!


Open daily from 7:00 am - 6:00 pm

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Featured Smoothies



peanut butter/ berries/ heavy cream

chotini smoothie


heavy cream/dark chocolate/banana/coconut milk/tahini

mixed berry smoothie

Mixed Berry

berries/agave/coconut milk

tropical smoothie

Tropical Breeze

pineapple/ banana/ strawberry/ coconut

Featuring Fundamental Coffee Co.

Sustainable, Local & Delicious Humbucker Blend, Roasted in Seattle.

Fundamental Coffee Co. provides us with local and ethically sourced coffee. They stress that their suppliers should be consistent in 4 key areas: Quality, Fairness, Worker Welfare, and Environment, which in turn produces delicious roasts that promote sustainable and ethical practices. 

Additionally, sustainability is extremely important to us at T47's Coffee Lounge. Biodegradable paper straws and other materials are utilized to reduce waste.