How about a smooth, bold cup of coffee to start your day?

You can find it here, where we use locally roasted coffee beans to brew undeniably good coffee.


Open for take-away only daily from 11:00 am - 6:00 pm

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Scott from Fundamental Coffee, cupping coffee with farmers in Antioquia, Colombia

Featuring Fundamental Coffee Co.

Sustainable, Local & Deliciously Roasted in Seattle.

We chose to partner with Fundamental Coffee Co. for a few key reasons: 1) they provide us with ethically sourced and sustainably grown coffee; 2) they're local; and 3) they have the best tasting coffee in town!

At Fundamental, they work with suppliers who are consistent in 4 key areas: Quality, Fairness, Worker Welfare, and Environment. This in turn produces delicious roasts that promote sustainable and ethical practices.

Fundamental co-founder Scott McMartin also helped invent Coffee Flour, which helps reduce methane gas emissions and keep water clean near coffee farms.

Their values align with Table 47's mission to source responsibly grown ingredients, and craft them into delicious food and drinks for you!